Varibox Corporate Site

Varibox home page
The Varibox website consistently provides company and industry related news, visual content and downloads

An informational site that has created a bold and striking corporate presence for Varibox.

The Brief

Intellectual Property company Varibox CVT Technologies commissioned Out of the Box Ideas to overhaul their website, build a digital marketing presence and optimise the new website for search engines in order to improve their brand image, web traffic and new business enquiries. 

The Solution

Our team started by developing a digital strategy and plan and once signed off by the client, started by building a new digital image, starting with newly designed logos, letter heads, templates and digital signatures. The website was completely redesigned and produced a bold and prominent corporate site which clearly delivers product and corporate information to stakeholders.

Out of the Box Ideas continues to provide ongoing hosting and digital marketing support to Varibox through tools like Google AdWords, email marketing, social media and blogging.

As static informational sites don’t work any more, the focus of this site is to provide constant news articles, blogs and downloads, but is also backed by frequently updated LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and posts and Newsletters through the Out of the Box Ideas team. The team also positions the site better using Google Adwords and monitors the page and post successes via analytics. 


It took us two weeks to build the initial website.

System Performance

Since the site went live, there has been a more than 100% increase in sessions, page views, visits and business enquiries.