Tailorblend-Customised Nutrition

Tailorblend Customised Shakes Ordering Page
Health and other professionals can design and send Blends to other professionals or end users.

System enables users to custom design and order shakes online.

The Brief

TailorBlend wanted a system in which health professionals as well as ordinary users could create and order custom shakes and drinks online by choosing from a wide selection of ingredients.

The Solution

A responsive site was created with a 100% configurable backend, enabling TailorBlend to effectively create new products, manage ingredients and manage the entire client orders to dispatch process.   

The site allows users to custom design and order their own shakes and drinks online. Additionally, the website calculates and provides specific nutritional content and exact pricing on the custom-made blends, showing and printing a custom statutory compliant label. It further allows health and other professionals to design and send Blends to other professionals or end users.

Users have an option of placing orders on pre-designed shakes specifically created to cater for various health requirements.


The initial system took 6 months to develop and we have done a number of enhancement over the last 18 months to the system, using an interactive sprint approach.

System Performance

Prior to the launch of the TailorBlend website, the client used a set of spreadsheets to create their shake and drink blends for clients. Since launch, the site has processed more than 7500 orders, using a fully automated configurator and order processing work-flow.