Snowserv is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of soft-serve ice cream supplies.

The outbreak of listeriosis in 2018 resulted in processed meat products being quickly taken off the shelves, a development that rigorously tested South African food manufacturers’ ability to effectively recall contaminated products.

Subsequent investigations would later expose major shortcomings within national food recall systems and processes. 

The need for food manufacturers to put in place effective solutions to identify the whereabouts and isolate contaminated products therefore became a focal point for government regulators, resulting in the inclusion of traceability as a compulsory requirement in a new regulation 638 - Regulations governing general hygiene requirements for food premises, the transport of food and related matters. 

The regulation is the minimum legal requirement applicable to all food premises in South Africa and is promulgated under the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, (ACT NO.54 of 1972).

Additionally, without a proper system in place, manually tracking raw materials and products is an expensive and  time-consuming process, and Snowserv required an automated solution that would allow them to:

  • Track their ingredients and products from supplier to point of sale.
  • Assign and use batch numbers to generate reports for an overview of product movement. 
  • Efficiently recall and quickly send out warnings about their products or ingredients in case of contamination.
The Solution

We developed a system that provides paperless, end-to-end, food business management, automating ingredient and supplier traceability. 

Back Office

Configuration is done on the back office, including the generation and printing of bar-coded labels which are attached to batches of ice-cream boxes.

The system enables Sowserv to ensure full ingredient traceability, ensuring easy product ingredient management.

Mobile App & Barcode Scanning

The Snowserv App allows drivers to use mobile devices to scan each box out at every delivery point and then on returning, this data is automatically synchronised back to the server.

The system enables Snowserv to conduct forward traceability reporting showing which customer received a lot, who dispatched it and when it was dispatched ensuring efficient recall and warning processes.

Snowserv were very pleased with the overall functionality and ease of use of the system.