Insparta is a mobile and digital platform that allows organisations to establish and reinforce learning.

Organisations that looked to solve business problems through corporate training found it difficult to measure long-term behaviour change and prove training results. 

Added to that, most learners finishing training quickly forgot up to 90% of what they had just learned. (The Forgetting Curve)

The Solution:

Because repetition or retrieval practise is proven to combat the forgetting curve, we developed Insparta, a mobile and digital people-proficiency app that empowers organisations to establish and reinforce learning in an agile way. 


Users can engage in learning activities via their mobile phones, creating a lasting impact on their proficiency. 

This is performed on their mobile devices, by answering questions and reviewing documents, videos and web content relating to training that they have recently undertaken.

These questions and resources are pushed to the user at defined intervals using a proven methodology. The App is also gamified, allowing users to view how they are performing against their peers.

Analytics That Demonstrate Change

Insparta features a reporting dashboard that provides managers with the essential proficiency metrics and data, allowing them to accurately measure impact and maximise ROI.

Spaced Learning


Insparta delivers regular chunks of microlearning from our authoring tool and uses gamification that comes together with a leaderboard to encourage daily use.


Back Office

The Back Office is the engine of Insparta, where: 

  • Topics are set up, along with their questions, answers and resources.
  • Users are administered and added as participants of a topic.
  • Course administrators and management can review participant project and intervene where required.
  • Powerful dashboards and reports are provided.

With Insparta, companies are able to effectively reinforce learned knowledge, skills and behaviour required for on-the-job performance and establish a culture of continuous proficiency improvement.