iFuel Solutions

Sales Dashboard


Our team undertook this project as a joint venture and stakeholder with other partners to provide a cloud-based national network of independent fuel wholesalers and their clients (fleet owners). The aim being that of providing these fleet owners with competitive pricing and providing both the merchant and client with a fuel management system.

The iFuel Solutions system boasts the following features:

  • A Mobile App for drivers to locate depots and transact securely.


  • A comprehensive, highly configurable fleet and driver management system with Reporting, and an Analytics Dashboard for effective fleet and customer management.


  • 3 Secure Payment Options; the Account Clients & Direct Transactions Arrangement (DTA); Merchant Machine through banking fuel cards; and a Pre-paid account managed on the system.

Out of the Box Ideas manages the full ambit of iFuel Solutions' social media and search engine optimisation using Google Analytics and relevant business social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and FB, where articles and feedback are posted regularly.

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