5 Easy Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Black Friday

Woman Shopping Online Using Tablet on Black Friday

The Black Friday rush is just around the corner and that means big business for eCommerce retailers.

Shopping days like Black Friday provide great opportunities to online merchants, especially during this age where a majority of consumers opt to go online instead of walking into brick and mortar stores.

Ensuring your site is running at peak performance on Black Friday will help you make the most out of South Africa's busiest shopping day of the year.

Here, we provide a few clever tips as to how:


Test Your Website

Make sure your website can deal with a spike in traffic and sales. It will be a disaster if the site goes down at the most important time. Speed test and load test the site to make sure it works properly.

Test your website with Mobile Scorecard and advise your website host about the possibility of increased traffic.

Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to ensure that your website is responsive to mobile devices. Remember a majority of users will be looking for deals on their phones.


Remove Barriers to Purchase

Continuously test your most used transaction routes to make the checkout process as smooth as possible. This may include a customer landing on your website, searching for a product, adding it to a cart and checking out.

Transaction route issues like an unclickable cart or broken product link can reduce the reputation of your business.

Be sure to highlight the Black Friday sale across the whole of your website and include a good returns policy, as well as a reviews platform to reduce risk of purchase.



Create a hype around your Black Friday bargains by planning and engaging in marketing and awareness building activities. Get in touch with customers through channels like email, SMS and remarketing networks.

Lots of visitors in search of and comparing bargains are likely to visit your store and immediately leave for competitor sites before making a purchase. One sure-fire way of attracting back such customers is remarketing.

Google’s remarketing feature allows you to display ads to people who have already visited your website. Use the remarketing function before and during Black Friday to offer exclusive bargains to past visitors.


Prepare Promotional Content Well in Advance

Avoid preparing promotional content in a hurry as this makes it prone to errors. Create a content brief and calendar well in advance and integrate social media in order to reach your target audience.

For instant offers, make sure your email and mobile contact lists are up to date, your followers are engaged and the software is working.

Be sure to test your email and SMS marketing templates to verify that your software is set up for the size of your list. Letting your customers know in advance that you will be launching regular offers during the day will ensure you engage as many people as possible on Black Friday.


Optimize for Search Engines

Organic search is useful for attracting visitors looking for items online but unsure where to find them.

Optimise your site for specific keywords by including them in titles, descriptions, headings, head, body content, alt text, as well as in URLs.

You should also make sure your homepage and key product pages are optimized. Be sure to add alt text to all your product images as this ties back to the keywords you are optimizing for.


Want more help to prepare your online store for Black Friday and the festive shopping season? Get in touch with Out of the Box Ideas and we will provide you with tailored web development and eCommerce solutions.




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