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Quality and consistent website traffic is the heartbeat of any serious business. A sudden decline in the number of site visitors is always a cause for concern.

The Black Friday rush is just around the corner and that means big business for eCommerce retailers.

Shopping days like Black Friday provide great opportunities to online retailers especially now that a majority of consumers are opting to go online instead of walking into brick and mortar stores.

Dynamic landing pages learn what the user is interested in and can show different messages to different people, creating a unique experience for every visitor based on their location, data and other factors.

As more and more customers do due diligence before spending their hard-earned cash, there is a big chance a visitor who lands on a dysfunctional or archaic website will bounce off to the nearest rival. 

If a website is failing to help a business meet its goals, it’s more likely because the site needs a redesign.

The significant rise in mobile search has forced businesses to adapt their marketing strategies to cater for consumers who make decisions based on the use of their phones. Ranking high on search engine results pages greatly improves chances of attracting new leads and making a sale. A good local SEO strategy is therefore, a great means of attracting customers to your store bec ...

Have you been investing a lot of time and resources into digital marketing and search engine optimisation, but are still struggling to improve the conversion rate of your website? The problem might be lying on your contact form.

If you want your business to be successful, you need to put in place an inbound marketing strategy that has a lot of staying power, and this can be attained through the use of content marketing. Content attracts traffic, builds reputation and encourages trust in your brand. One vital method of creating content which has many SEO benefits is blogging.  Initially, writing blog ...

How you can use content and meta tags to improve your SEO.

Essential homepage designs and layouts to help you meet changing shopper expectations and make your ecommerce business a success.